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from 1995 on we cooperate with the Buddha Academy in Kathmandu - since 2002 as the Non profit Foundation "Buddha Memorial Welfare Trust e.V." . We expanded year after year including more Projects in Nepal. Now our next step: we expand to take care of two projects in India and our new name: "Namaste Welfare e.V. "  will show up this process.

NEPAL: This small country in the Himalayas – in between the big neighbors India and China, is getting more and more known as a trekking/hiking paradise – and deservedly so!

But also it is known that after the downfall of the royal family it was shaken for many years by riots on the brink of civil war and is still unstable at present. The inflation rate of 40% is one of the highest in the world. The mostly uneducated paupers, the children and the old aged people are suffering most!

Since 1996 we have been helping – since 2002 as an acknowledged nonprofit associaton – with our modest means and with lots of dedication and love. 2005 our association was awarded by the ministry in Nepal but what counts much more for us are the bright and sparkling eyes of the children and adolescents and elderly people we were able to help until now!

The situation in 2018: Still schools have to be closed down or have a very poor quality. Mostly the “school” is closed during the winter months because it is too cold and the children have to come from far away every day (by foot up to 3 hours). Mostly the teachers are not very well-trained. So an all-season school teaching can only be provided in the valley – that is from Pokhara to Kathmandu.

A lot of children, not only half-orphans or complete orphans, merely get a chance if they are accommodated all year round in an institution where they also get all-round care. This allows them to get a better diet, health care and above all a better comprehension of their country.

There are groundbreaking directions that they are able to follow that way – whether it’s for basic studies for a few years (to learn reading and writing, carpentry or sewing) and then go back or to graduate from school or continue for the University Entrance Certificate.

If they have family or relations they often go back there during the long vacations – often in a to us adventurous manner – mostly it is a remote village that sometimes is 2-3 day trips away (by bus or by foot).

Due to the activities of the Maoists still lots of people come streaming into the capital city because they hope to find work or accommodation there – and then they end up in the slums. 

Let’s give a person in Nepal a chance – let’s help together!

Still We do need:

8.000 Euro for reparation of houses

yours Yamuna Heike & Team


The earthquakes had shaken 2015 beginning on April 25 and till now- leaving death and devastation Nepal. According to the UN report were destroyed by the quake more than 130,000 homes and other 85 000 damaged. According to estimates 2.8 million Nepalis are homeless. The situation for the earthquake victims even threatens to worsen further with the impending monsoon.

God thanks all our Projects: the childrens and youths and stuff and all our friends in Nepal are save- but they sleep mostly still outside and most important they do need new shelters (as in some buildings are serious cracks) AND also we do support now the most poor areas-villages, which are even not yet reached by other Organizations.

Pictures see: AFTER EARTHQUAKE  -our support

update 25th of November 2015

Only 6 month ago the first Earthquake destroyed partly Nepal and more than 15o quakes followed.
We could support till now in more than 13 little projects, to bring shelter, mats, food and cloth to remote areas and villagers, could help to rebuilt some houses and gave medicine for people in need. Now we will support some more children in Yamuna Childrenshome and will give support to two schools in poor villages outside of Kathmandu, to organize their children and to give education (and lunch).As its since 2 month the border is closed from India to Nepal (cause of political reasons), the locals get no food and supplements from India. this means they suffer and the petrol raised up to 4 euros per liter!!
Many vehicles can't drive-means also the schools are mostly closed - Its an endless chain and we do hope that people will get hope and trust in future!!

update 31.08.2015

Namaste! we have done now the 10. relief. Tashi went to Changuranayan, one and half hour drive from Kathmandu, but the road to that village was very bad because of the rain. He brought there rice and mats for around 100 family.

All are very happy and thank you for your support.

Pictures see: AFTER EARTHQUAKE  -our support

update 22.07.2015

our Tourleader Kaji is now back from 1 week taking care, to bring in his village tents, mats, and food.

He told us, how thankfully the villagers are.

We will start another 3 projects the next days, as far the monsoon allows for our people to travel.

Also the Tourism is now gone-which means, the people who are dependent on Trekking and Visitors are jobless.

The situation will be next month and years a challenge for those who have to survive.

update 04.07.

Dear Friends and Helpers, we do have now news from Pemba Sherpa, who went into the village, where he is working as teacher since 2 years: its in the LANGTANG AREA:

We handed him over the amount of 1.400 Euros and this is what he could do:

" i just return to Kathmandu from Shyabru yesterday.i ve stayed in there one week to help the villagers to make tent and take them to the save place.
There was 22 houses in old Shyabru all the houses are broken, thats why we took tirpal (tent) also for them with us.
All the villagers were very happy to get help. ive took one sack rice, one litre oil, one packet salt, one kg chili, 5 kg dal, tins to make roof and one tirpal (tent-shelter) to every one.

Still some old people needs warm clothes to wear, cause now the rainy season has already started and i am very worry for those old people. Especially transportation charge is very expensive here..just to take these things from Kathmandu to Shyabru they took 30 thousand.rupees (actually they wanted the double). But any way its worthwhile to support the people there. Yours loving pemba sherpa

Now we would like to send him once more to provide more cloth and food for the old people. Thanks your donations this will be possible.

pictures are shown in "After Earthquake" in this website.

update 14.06.2015

After two week now the next report, as even in all the time there are still the earth is shaking in parts of Nepal. The people “ et used” and try to leave their life-the schools are open again in Kathmandu and Pokhara-but mostly in countryside in remote areas there is still a lot of need. I’ve phone several times with our friends and helps in Nepal this days.

We started now regularly small projects, Tashi and Serki organized already 6 transports to remote villages, mostly this are relatives of our children, youth and members, which i do know from my trekking time.

This projects provide food, shelters, mats and …...hope, that people get not forgotten.

We will go on with this projects,and also Kaji, “my” guide from 3 Kailash -Expeditions and board member of ASHRAYA, will go now in his home village (Sherpa-village) to bring there rice. Lots of this people i do know, as they have been member of our expeditions.

We spend for each expedition between 1200 to 2.800 euro.

After his return we will have an overall view and will snd you the numbers and count.

from Tashi, who was just coming back:

after a long drive from Bungtang village, we went yesterday and I came back this morning at 11:00. It was very good.

People were very happy with the distribution even it is not really a big distribution. Each house 2 liters of cooling oil and 2 kilos of salt, altogether for 760 houses.

it is not only the distribution; some way it is a big help for those old people who can not go to the Bazaar to buy these things and also for handicap people.

Update 01.06.2015

Greetings to ALL, after more than 120 Earthquakes in Nepal, many friends supported our Foundation and as soon we had the first Donations we contributed to Nepal and already 5 projects could get successfully done: our people there (who are involved since 20 years with us) - former Students of our Projects, but also the President of our Project Ashraya and the Director of our Childrenshome Yamuna, they went in difficult situation to villages, where even no other Organization could go till now and could speak with the local people there and contribute: tents, mats, rice, oil, salt and more items, which are so necessary for all the families there, who survived. We want to THANKYOU all and please have a look in Facebook: namaste welfare for further informations. Im aware that the Love behind all this Seva is the most deep and touching part, as i do see- how you all are connected and we are ONE FAMILY on this planet.

Serki who is the founder of Yamuna Childrenshome and my godson since 20 years:

"On the date 24th may, Sunday me and my team headed towards Sindupalchwok to share reliefs to the earthquake victims. Our destination were remote v.d.c. in Sindupalchwok. The vdc is not connected to road and still there isn’t any government organization or private organization has reached there. 

We travelled 10 hours by vehicle with 400 tons of things and by 3 hours by walking. We stayed there for 2days and 2nights, because we had lots of things to do- one big problem is NO electricity there.

It was very interesting, tiresome, lesson able, we were blocked in many places on the way, but we are able to meet our destination.

We contributed (thanks your support): 

3.000 kgs of rice, 100 kgs of salt, 10 boxes of biscuits, 80 kgs of bitten rice, 8 boxes of oil and 84 pieces of tri-paal for shelter. 

This project is very necessary to earthquake victims who are left behind from the getting reliefs. There are still many people who has lost all the domestic animals, family members and living in frustration. 

I have personally visited many families who has suffered lot from earthquake. 

The main thing is that they don’t have nothing to protect the food they have. That’s why shelter is very necessary. Only few people have got tri-paal because I was able to manage only 84 pieces.

We met every family individually and we distributed easily. every family  were happy and excited.

we stayed there  for2days and 2 nights because we had lots of things. and rest we spent  in other nearby villages.

I would like to thank you so much to Namaste Welfare and Ashraya foundation for the full support.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELP AND LOVE and give our greetings to Swamiji."

lots of love 


Pemba Sherpa (brother of Serki) goes back now to LANGTANG (he is there teacher since 2012) -the village is totally destroyed and he will contribute from our Donations:

Food and materials for the earthquake victims of Wangfii (Shyabru Bensi S.N)                             

items                                                 quantity                      cost (in euro)

     1. rice                                             30 sacks                       400                     

     2. salt                                              15 packs                          3

     3. chilli                                            15 packs                        20

     4. noodles                                      25 packs                      101

     5. tripal (tent)                                15 pieces                    300

     6. oil                                                20 packs                        40

     7. transportation charge             140

Another project from Tashi (Ashraya):

We could distributing rice and mats to earthquake victims village yesterday. 

Very long drive; We started morning 8 on that day and came back to home only at 9pm. 

The village people were very nice, they gave us cool water from their tap and then daal bhat, Nepali food; very tasty. They are so thankfull we could contribute for them tents, mats, food.

update 28.05.2015

Now we are able to send second time via Banktransfer your Donations 

All our projects-also the 4.: Himalaya Children in Mustang and Pokhara are proven Foundations and we are getting from them the papers and report, how they have used YOUR money.

Thanks to ALL OF YOU- for the most needed things like tents, mats, rice, lentils....also for the villagers around and neighbors, which are really in need.

later on we do have to get more specified clarification what will be the most need to help longterm.

Serki, my godson (who is also the Director of the Yamuna childrenshome), was now coming back from his 4 days excursion (by local-bus with two helpers) to the village near the Tibetan Border (where he was born and has relatives). He will send me in some hours the pictures. He could bring there tents and rice and he said to me, YOU give them hope!

from Tashi (President ASHRAYA)

I just came back from the village outside of Kathmandu, where also our relatives live. It was nice to meet them and sad, to be there with poor villagers. I have attached here few pictures from my this trip. 

The money you have send we will do it very wisely and keep all the receipts. I asked almost all the sponsored people to make the letters. 


update 19.05.2015
After the last Earthquake now on Everest Region we could have phone contact to our partners and friends in Kathmandu: They are all save, but of course in fear. Both Childrenshomes and the Ashraya project try to help mostly in the surrounding, alike my Godson Serki (Director of  Childrenshome Yamuna) is also providing tents and rice (from your donations) to bring to remote areas and distribute also in the village close to Childrenshome, while its mostly destroyed.
email from ASHRAYA:Namaste! Thanks so much for your donations:
We distributed Euro 50 to one of the boys working at Shechen Guest house restaurant. He has very sad story from the earthquake. His house in the village is completely destroyed and the district is Sindupalchowk same as Serki, the most affected areas. And he brought his sister with him and wants to put her in one of the schools in Boudha area. If Ashraya can help this girl, it will be very helpful.  And secondly, we distributed euro 150 to the lady who is also working at our restaurant. You had seen her often at the guest house. Her house is completely destroyed and it is only 20 minutes walking distance from the guest house. I went there and checked, very sad. I have sent here some pictures from her, the house and her family. There are still many people needing such help, what to do? My sister Yeshe is running here and there to help to earthquake victims with some other friends. She is a member in Kathmandu Tibetan Youth, which is under Tibetan Government, and they are doing a great job in helping the victims from different affected areas. So, she is very busy in this kind work.

And my brother is mostly with parents and taking care of them. Mother often goes to the prayer where there are many other Tibetan old people taking part nearby Boudhanath. And it is for the people died in the earthquake and peace on the earth too.
Heike, the situation is still not completely safe, There are still everyday little earthquake(4 to 5 magnitude) coming, people are still scare and me too. When the big one happened, my little son was with me; I was very scared and God saved us. Hoping to hear from you soon, bye.
Tashi Tsering

We are most thankful for your support in prayers and donations: If you do want to contribute please send us some support to our Bank account- and we will transfer immediately to NEPAL

update 03.05.2015

Namaste! We had today done a great job with your two friends coming from Europe: distributing a lot of rice. we bought 100 big packets of rice (3000 kg) and went to some relief places which is almost two hours drive from Boudhanath. 

And it is called Sindupalchowk, the most affected district. Really difficult life there at the moment. And the boys from Buddha Academy also came to help us; very nice time and excited too.

Hoping to hear from you Regards,Tashi Tsering and Team:)

03.05. from SERKI (YAMUNA-Childrenshome):Today we had very nice day.

We went out of the valley to distribute 3000 kgs of rice. here the picture.

Thanks so much and we will write you again.

Tomorrow we will go to our Childrenshome and in the village- which is not so easy by road.

Love must not ask neither demand,
Love must have the power to come to certainty in itself.

Then it doesn’t get pulled anymore, but pulls.

(Hermann Hesse)


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