WIDE Children´s Home is located at the feet of the holy mountain Arunachala, near the centre of Tiruvannamalai, in South India.

The founder of the orphanage, Mrs Kumari Xavier, grew up in an orphanage herself. At her home children were given everything they needed: food, clothing, education etc. There was only one thing that she was missing: LOVE! So she left her assured life and founded her own orphanage together with her husband Xavier in 2003. Their motto was and still is today‘s leading principle that “Every child deserves a family”.

Today in the orphanage family of 30 children, 10 girls and 20 boys, age between 5 and 21 are discovering a real home with a loving family. WIDE Children´s Home is committed to offer to their children education, care, nutrition and most importantly LOVE!

WIDE, the small children's home developed over 16 years now by Kumari, Xavier and their daughter Priya, here at the foot of the Arunachala, with the help of tourists who ended up as friends. As a family, they give a home and a future to children, whom they treat as their own.

Children who had been abandoned, who had lived on the streets or in the most unacceptable conditions, today look at you with big smiling eyes.

The first two orphans had been admitted in 2003; six years later they were16 kids and today there are 30!

They go to school in the nearby town, they have their home, albeit in a confined space, their daily schedule and their dreams, which they hope to realize through a good education and a loving home.

We can’t save the world – nobody can - we are well aware of our limits.

But we can help some children to grow up in an Indian family to learn values and to carry them through their lives : love, confidence, self-esteem, education, to rely on a family that cares for them.

Certainly, we are not able to save the world, nobody can do that, that's very important to us deliberately. But we can help some Children grow up in an Indian family, get values conveyed, which they then through to carry the life:

Love, confidence, self esteem, education, Education, training, to have a family that cares for them.

WIDE Childrenshome Kumari Xavier

No 363/A5 South 1st Cross Street, Nethaji Nagar

Vengikkal, Vellore Road, Tiruvannamalai

606 604 Tamil Nadu, South India

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